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The Ultimate Renter’s Move-In Checklist (And Other Questions To Ask)
Despite the many disadvantages of renting compared to buying one’s own home, many are still choosing the former because of increasing home prices and high mortgage payment and taxes. In the 2016 American Community Survey of the Census Bureau, nearly 37 percent of U.S. households are now ...
To Rent Or To Buy: Top Things You Should Know
Buying your own home seems like the fulfillment of the American dream, but as housing prices are increasing, we all know that that dream will definitely cost you a hefty amount. According to an article on Economists’ Outlook, the median price of homes for a single-family home sold in August ...
From Renter To Owner: 8 Important Reminders Before Making The Transition
If you’re renting now, you most probably dream of having your own house one day. In fact, you’re probably already looking into buying a property to your name right now. So aside from finding that perfect dream home, what else do you have to prepare for in buying your own place of residence? Here ...